Improved Movement Controls

Hi everyone, just a quick post about some improvements I made to the movement controls in Dungeon in my Pocket! You can now hold down the directional movement keys (or left analog stick in the case of a gamepad) to continuously move the player towards a particular direction. To complement this change, there is also a movement interval timer of 500 milliseconds.

What this means is that when interacting with entities, you can continue to hold the input in that direction and the player will attempt another interaction every half second. For example, if you're holding the left key to attack an enemy, the player will keep attacking every half second until the enemy is dead. This definitely gives a more fluid feeling, especially when using the analog stick of a gamepad.

I also tweaked the enemy movements so they will now attempt to move at the point in time which the player reaches their destination tile (as opposed to immediately after the player starts moving to an adjacent tile.)

I hope everyone has enjoyed this small demo so far. Have fun! Keep an eye out as I continue to add more functionality to the game. :)


Dungeon in my Pocket (Windows) 13 MB
Version 0.0.3 Aug 06, 2017
Dungeon in my Pocket (Linux) 27 MB
Version 0.0.3 Aug 06, 2017
Dungeon in my Pocket (Mac) 28 MB
Version 0.0.3 Aug 06, 2017

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