Release Notes for v0.5.5.4

  • Updated top set of editor tabs (Map Editor, Voxel Editor, etc.) to wrap onto multiple rows instead of needing to scroll through them on lower resolutions
  •  Darkened background of center editor area to help differentiate it from the top-level editor tabs
  •  Improved palette importing to handle PNG images with colors across multiple rows (instead of requiring all colors to be on a single row)
  •  Added base editor UI for the Stats Editor (no functionality yet)
  •  Added placeholder sections for Encounter Areas and Spawn Areas to the Combat Editor (no functionality yet)
  •  Fixed issue with the duplication of custom properties when copying and pasting properties between entities in the Map Editor
  •  Fixed issue with the camera improperly moving in free mode and first-person mode when using Shift + A or Shift + Ctrl + A to adjust the grid in the Map Editor
  •  Fixed issue where Properties tab would not be cleared when going from the UI Editor to the Dialogue Editor (with no dialogues opened)
  •  Fixed issue where Properties tab would not be cleared when switching from an editor with properties displayed to the Documentation tab

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