Release Notes for v0.5.6

  • Added basic leveling functionality to Stats Editor (ability to define required XP and associated stat increases per level - for this initial release, leveling messages are logged to the debug console)
  • Added setting for "Experience Points" to the Enemies section of the Combat Editor and visual indicator in-game to display amount received
  • Added ability to assign experience points to real-time enemies in the Map Editor (via behavior settings when marked as "attackable")
  • Added ability to assign loot drops to real-time enemies in the Map Editor (via behavior settings when marked as "attackable") with popup icons to indicate item received
  • Added support to the scripting language for getting an entity's rotation (example: if entity["xyz"].direction == NORTH then ...)
  • Added "initiator" keyword to the scripting language for referencing the entity that triggered a script (e.g. the character that stepped on a tile with a script)
  • Added support to the scripting language for getting an entity's ID (e.g.
  • Updated game saving logic to store maximum health, current health, attack, defense, and experience values for characters
  • Updated Steam rich presence functionality to display proper value for the new Stats Editor tab
  • Fixed issue with the Combat Editor's "Reload All From Disk" button not properly clearing the enemy list and loot drop list when used
  • Fixed issue with loot drop field not properly resetting to "none" when adding a new enemy
  • Fixed "Signal 'animation_stopped' is already connected" errors when returning to a previously visited map
  • Fixed issue with camera raising/lowering too much during turn-based combat when the player walked across tiles with varying height
  • Fixed "invalid operand" error that would occur in-game when loading an old migrated map that had a camera override value set
  • Fixed issue where Steam rich presence would show the current editor tab instead of "Game Manager" when first opening the application
  • Fixed crash that would occur when setting an entity's ID in the Map Editor then tabbing out of the field
  • Fixed issue with fullscreen editor mode no longer working properly as a result of last update
  • Fixed issue with theme dropdown not working properly when editor was using certain non-English languages
  • Fixed issue with the "contains" scripting operator not working properly for stacked items
  • Fixed issue where existing scripts using the "contains" operator without a count specified would potentially fail
  • Fixed issue where NPCs were incorrectly sharing behavior data in-game when assigned the same preset (potentially causing movement issues, etc.)
  • Fixed issue where a new health bar was being added every time a real-time enemy was attacked
  • Fixed issue where real-time enemies could continue to be attacked while their death animation was playing

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Hi Justin, I'm glad to know that you've finally set the level system, but the problem is that it doesn't work during the game.