Release Notes for v0.5.6.1

  • Added check for unsaved changes to the Stats Editor when exiting to the Game Manager or closing the application
  • Added "Stats" item to the Game Explorer for quick access to the Stats Editor
  • Added "initiator" as an option to the Entity Expression Builder dialog
  • Added ability to assign/remove an entity's ID using assignment statements (e.g. = "new_id" to assign or = "" to remove)
  • Updated Stats Editor tab to be marked as having changes when appropriate
  • Updated sound effect for enemy death in the bundled demo game
  • Fixed issue with map pre-load scripts no longer working properly (causing the game to hang during the map load)
  • Fixed issue where Stats Editor was not being properly cleared out when exiting to the Game Manager
  • Fixed issue where reference to an entity's ID (e.g. was not able to be used in conditional expressions or right-hand side of assignment statements

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