Release Notes for v0.5.7.3

  • Added "group" keyword to syntax highlighting logic for script code
  • Added Sarah's space ranger characters (with idle and walk animations) to the Asset Library
  • Updated variable expression fields of visual script nodes (e.g. "value" field of Set Global Property function) to use script syntax highlighting
  • Fixed issue where "Put Player" and "Put Entity" functions were not waiting until the player/entity placement was complete before progressing the script
  • Fixed issue where nested localized text within a localized dialogue was not being properly translated
  • Fixed issue with player character's XP not being kept when changing models using the "Set Entity Model" function
  • Fixed issue with characters not properly leveling up if receiving enough XP to level up multiple levels at once
  • Fixed issue where the light source cube was not being hidden in the Voxel Editor when capturing a preview thumbnail or character portrait
  • Fixed a timing issue related to the scripting functions for adding/removing items and modifying navigation paths

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