Release Notes for v0.5.8.1

  • Added buttons to the built-in documentation pages for opening the online wiki version
  • Updated "Print To Console" visual script node to use syntax highlighting in the data field
  • Updated coord[x, y, z], color[r, g, b], and tile[x, y, z] expressions to support arithmetic expressions for their parameter values
  • Fixed issue with script parser crashing when processing scripts in a thread while running on Linux
  • Fixed issue with search functionality not working properly for built-in documentation
  • Fixed issue with "secret_wall" script in the example content not working properly
  • Fixed issue with not being able to compare two "contains" conditions in scripts (e.g. self contains "ITEM_0001" == self contains "ITEM_0002")
  • Fixed issue with arithmetic expressions not working properly when using coordinates
  • Fixed issue with in-game debug console not properly parsing script commands
  • Documentation: Added initial page to built-in docs for "Array" data type
  • Documentation: Updated built-in docs for "String" data type to include details on string concatenation
  • Documentation: Updated built-in docs for "Script Syntax" to include explanations and examples for assignment statements, "while" loops, and "for" loops
  • Documentation: Brought the "Editor Settings" built-in docs up to date

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