Release Notes for v0.5.8.3

  • Added support to scripting language for optional "elseif" conditions in "If" statements (e.g. if x > 10 then ... elseif x > 5 then ... else ... end)
  • Added initial support to scripting language for defining and accessing array variables (e.g. my_list = array["A", "B", "C"]; print(my_list[random(0, 2)]))
  • Added Global Event Script option for "Player is Defeated" (script will override default behavior of restarting the game when the player dies)
  • Added new scripting function "Revive Character" which revives a defeated character, bringing them back to life with the specified health (e.g. revive_character(player, player.stat["max_hp"]))
  • Added "inverse" function to scripting language (e.g. inverse(value), where value is a direction, number, boolean, coordinate, color, or navigation type)
  • Added option to the Map Properties panel for setting the initial camera orientation to use when the map is loaded
  • Added ability to get X, Y, or Z value of coordinates stored in variables (e.g. my_var = player.coord; print(my_var.x))
  • Added support to scripting language for using concatenated strings in property names, IDs, etc. (e.g.["prop" + string_var])
  • Updated "entity bounds" indicator in the Map Editor to also show the direction in which the selected entity is rotated (shown as an arrow)
  • Updated "Heal Entity" scripting function to only work on characters who are currently alive
  • Updated help button on the Game Configuration dialog to open the Global Properties and Translations documentation when on those tabs
  • Updated Map Properties UI components to open corresponding built-in documentation when dragging-and-dropping guide icon
  • Changed syntax highlighting for "random" function to match blue color of other scripting functions
  • Changed selection border color of visual script nodes to be more apparent and added shadow outline to nodes
  • Fixed issue where game cursor was still showing interaction icons after the player had been defeated
  • Fixed issue where title text of popup dialogs would display in the system's language instead of the configured one
  • Fixed issue with global event script dropdowns showing as blank instead of "None" for projects that hadn't assigned any scripts yet
  • Fixed issue with incorrect camera angle after using "Put Player" to move the player character to a tile at a different height
  • Fixed issue where group auto-hiding and fog-of-war logic was not being triggered when the player was moved via "Put Player"
  • Fixed issue in the Script Editor where previously saved comment node text would not be populated into the "Edit Text" popup until edited again
  • Fixed issue with scrollbar improperly showing in variable expression fields in visual script nodes
  • Fixed issue where Map Properties tab would be incorrectly displayed in certain cases when clicking on a model button while in an editor other than the Map Editor
  • Fixed Linux crash that could occur when a script was parsed in the Quick Script Builder dialog
  • Documentation: Added built-in documentation for the "Revive Character" scripting function
  • Documentation: Added built-in documentation for the "Execute Script" scripting function
  • Documentation: Added built-in documentation for the "End Battle" scripting function
  • Documentation: Added built-in documentation for "Global Event Scripts" functionality
  • Documentation: Updated built-in docs for "Script Syntax" to include info about the "random" and "inverse" functions, "elseif" functionality, and arrays
  • Documentation: Brought the built-in "Heal Entity" scripting function documentation up to date

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