Release Notes for v0.5.8.4

  • Added "range" function to scripting language that generates an array of integers (e.g. to iterate through in a "for" loop, see "Script Syntax" and "Array" documentation for details)
  • Added "null" keyword to scripting language (e.g. to check if a variable hasn't been assigned a value or if an entity with an ID doesn't exist)
  • Added NPC behavior setting for triggering events when next to the player (for example, to start a battle or dialogue)
  • Added "speed" as a stat increase option to the Stats Editor (affects the character's movement speed and relative "walk" animation speed)
  • Added new scripting function "Play Music" which plays a specified music file
  • Added "currency" as a stat increase option to the Stats Editor (currency earned by party members will all be given to the main player character)
  • Updated color value syntax in the scripting language to support hex code strings (e.g. color["0000ff"] for blue)
  • Updated "Move Player" and "Move Character" scripting functions to also support tile coordinate or tile entity reference instead of only entity ID
  • Updated Map Editor to catch error and display an info popup dialog when attempting to open an invalid/corrupted map file
  • Updated Map Properties panel to automatically open the Procedural Sky Settings dialog when first selecting it for background type
  • Updated display of arrays in scripting (via Print, Display Message, etc.) to output descriptive text for any entities in the array
  • Updated resource dropdowns in the editor to display icons for items (e.g. in the "Give Item" visual script node, etc.)
  • Updated entity marker icons to automatically update their positions when an entity is rotated in the Map Editor
  • Updated "Replace Navigation" scripting function to support "group" syntax for the entity parameter (e.g. replace_navigation(group["area01"], PENDING, WALK_AND_INTERACT))
  • Added buttons to the Procedural Sky Settings dialog for resetting to default values and opening the built-in documentation
  • Added appropriate button icons to all popup window dialogs for "OK" buttons, "Cancel" buttons, etc.
  • Added descriptions for "Assign Value" and "For Loop" logic nodes when selected in the Script Tools panel
  • Added "nav remove" debug console command for removing visual navigation lines (to help test perfomance improvements when modifying many navigations paths at once)
  • Added toolbar button to the Voxel Editor color palette for exporting palettes to PNG or HEX files
  • Changed default movement control type in the gameplay settings to "Relative to Camera" instead of "Tank"
  • Changed icon and tooltip text of button for editing a map's procedural sky settings, added separator lines to corresponding settings dialog
  • Fixed issue in Voxel Editor where animations would break when adding new frames to a model and then enabling animation its light source
  • Fixed issue with localization button on toolbar not being initially disabled in the Dialogue Editor before any tabs have been opened
  • Fixed issue with "Select a Resource" dialog's "OK" button not being initially disabled if no resources are selected
  • Fixed issue where surface level for tiles was not being considered when moving in the Map Editor's first-person mode
  • Fixed issue where first-person controls within turn-based battles stopped working if scripted camera movements had been done at any point before the battle
  • Fixed issue where help buttons on logic nodes in the Script Editor were not properly opening any documentation
  • Fixed issue with entity tooltip text not being translated or evaluating placeholder expressions in-game
  • Fixed some text formatting issues in the in-game debug console when commands entered contained certain sequences of characters
  • Fixed script parser crash that could occur when certain functions had fewer arguments included than required
  • Fixed "handle_entity_input_event" errors that were sometimes displayed when transitioning to a new map
  • Fixed issue where a tile's collision override setting was not being applied when using the "Add Tile" scripting function
  • Fixed script parser so "Give Item", "Remove Item", "Add Item To Container", and "Remove Item From Container" functions will properly return numeric count of items added/removed
  • Fixed some calculation issues related to the positioning of entity marker icons in the Map Editor
  • Documentation: Added built-in docs for "Procedural Sky" and "Fog" functionality and "Remove Item" and "Play Music" scripting functions
  • Documentation: Updated built-in docs for "Conditional Expression" to include info about "and", "or", and "contains[x]" syntax, and additional examples
  • Documentation: Updated built-in docs for "Map Properties" to include a row for the new "Fog" setting
  • Documentation: Updated built-in docs for "Move Character" and "Move Player" to include additional argument types supported for the destination tile
  • Documentation: Updated built-in docs for "Script Syntax" to include info about "null" keyword and "range" function
  • Documentation: Updated built-in docs for "Array" to include examples of the "range" function and user-defined arrays
  • Documentation: Brought the built-in docs for "Ambient Light" up to date
  • Documentation: Brought the built-in docs for "Give Item" scripting function up to date

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