Release Notes for v0.5.9

  • Added new scripting functions "Add To Group" and "Remove From Group" for adding an entity to a group or removing it from a group
  • Added new scripting function "Restart Game" for manually restarting the game
  • Added new scripting function "Equip Item" for equipping an item to character's equipment slot (e.g equip_item(player, "right_hand", "ITEM_0001"))
  • Added new scripting function "Unequip Item" for unequipping an item from a character's equipment slot (e.g. unequip_item(player, "right_hand"))
  • Added "Equipment" section to the Stats Editor (currently only displays some basic information about the default equipment slots)
  • Added initial settings to the Item Editor for defining an item as equippable and its associated effect when equipped (only basic stat boost for now)
  • Added button to the Game Configuration dialog's Translations tab for importing data from a CSV file
  • Added support for using the ".direction" syntax in assignment statements to change an entity's direction (e.g. entity["id"].directon = WEST)
  • Added support to scripting language for getting the current map's name (as string) and groups (as array) (using syntax: and map.groups)
  • Added debug console error messages that are displayed for "tile by coordinate" expressions when values for X, Y, and Z are invalid
  • Added option to the Main Menu editor for changing the arrow cursor's color
  • Updated style and color scheme of visual script nodes in the Script Editor
  • Updated top right panel in Map Editor to include buttons for adjusting the tile grid up/down in steps (as an alternative to Ctrl + Scroll Wheel) and to display current grid height
  • Updated Noise Generator dialog to include a help button that opens its built-in documentation
  • Updated Surface Level panel in the Voxel Editor to open its corresponding built-in documentation when dragging-and-dropping the guide icon
  • Updated "Modify Navigation" function to support entity references (self, entity["id"], tile[0, 0, 0], etc.) instead of only IDs
  • Updated "Set Entity Script" function to support optional parameter for specifying when to trigger tile scripts (using a value of ENTER_TILE, STOP_ON_TILE, or EXIT_TILE)
  • Updated "Execute Script" function to support additional optional parameter to indicate whether the current script should pause until the triggered script has completed
  • Changed "Export to CSV File" on Translations tab to use system's desktop location as the default export path instead of installation folder
  • Fixed issue with Shift + Arrow Keys not snapping to 90-degree increments when game camera is in isometric mode
  • Fixed issue where pressing F2 in the Voxel Editor would switch the properties panel to Map Properties in certain cases
  • Fixed issue with "Assign Entity ID" function call no longer working in conditional expressions or as a Boolean value
  • Fixed issue where local variables were not able to be used as conditional expressions (e.g. if my_var then ... end)
  • Fixed issue with Boolean expressions using the "and" or "or" operator were not evaluating properly in some cases
  • Fixed issue with "When Next to Player" behavior setting for NPCs not triggering if the player approached the NPC first
  • Fixed issue where party members weren't getting placed back into the turn order if revived during a turn-based battle
  • Fixed issue where triggering a "Display Message" function from an NPC's "When Next to Player" dialogue would not work properly
  • Fixed issue with using the "Set Entity Model" function to change a character's model during turn-based battles
  • Fixed issue where an array's values were not being deserialized properly when loaded in-game
  • Fixed issue with item dropdowns when item names were localized and an item didn't have an image
  • Fixed issue with "Set Dialogue" scripting function not working properly
  • Fixed issue with Entity Expression Builder where party member ID was not being updated in the expression field, removed "Use ID string only" checkbox for party member option
  • Fixed first-person control issue when moving backward then turning left/right
  • Fixed some timing issues that could occur with functions called from inside "while" loops and "for" loops
  • Localization: Added localization for Spanish (selectable from the general editor settings) and credit in About dialog for Pablo
  • Localization: Added localization for Dutch (selectable from the general editor settings) and credit in About dialog for Ernst
  • Documentation: Added built-in docs for the "Noise Generator" functionality (under "Application Interface" heading)
  • Documentation: Added built-in docs for the "Surface Level" functionality (under "Terminology & Concepts" heading)
  • Documentation: Added built-in docs for the "Execute Script" scripting function to include info about optional "pause" argument
  • Documentation: Updated example image and linked some additional keywords in the "Voxel" built-in docs
  • Documentation: Updated visual node example images for "Start Dialogue" and "Stop Player" scripting functions
  • Documentation: Updated examples for "Boolean" data type's built-in docs

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