Release Notes for v0.5.9.1

  • Added "Ignore Fog of War" checkbox to the Entity Properties panel in the Map Editor to indicate that the entity should always be visible when Fog of War is enabled
  • Added support for arrays to the "inverse" scripting function (reverses the order of the values within the array) (e.g. my_array = [1, 2, 3]; reverse_array = inverse(my_array))
  • Added support to the scripting language for appending values to arrays using "+" or "+=" operator (e.g. my_array = array["A", "B"]; my_array += "C")
  • Increase maximum value for character movement speed from 100 to 1000000 voxels per second
  • Updated scripting language to properly allow direct access of arrays stored in global or entity properties (e.g. print(["my_array"][2]))
  • Fixed issue with custom entity properties being lost when a tile was replaced in the Map Editor
  • Fixed issue where search functionality for the scripting function list was not translating function names before filtering
  • Fixed issue where calling the "Reset Camera" function without the camera being previously locked was causing some scripts to fail
  • Fixed issue with "Add To Group" and "Remove From Group" functions not working properly when passing entity ID string for entity parameter
  • Fixed issue with scripts stopping after calls to the "Add To Group" or "Remove From Group" functions
  • Fixed issue with script parser where missing "end" syntax error was not being properly reported in some cases (only a generic error)
  • Fixed issue with "speed" stat assignment statements not being applied properly (e.g. entity["slime01"].stat["speed"] = 100)
  • Fixed issue with "hp" stat assignment statements causing the game to crash (e.g. entity["slime01"].stat["hp"] = 5)

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