Release Notes for v0.5.9.2

  • Added a default style for entity tooltips and the ability to change their background color and border color from the Theme Editor (in tooltip styles section)
  • Added ability to increase a character's level using the "stat" syntax (e.g. player.stat["level"] += 1 will give the player enough XP to reach the next level)
  • Added a "Did You Know?" section to the bottom of the Game Manager for displaying random helpful tips (includes 20 tips initially, with more to come!)
  • Added ability to assign a tooltip to the player character using the "Set Entity Tooltip" scripting function
  • Added ability to change the preview background color in the Theme Editor
  • Added description text to the Script Editor for the "Restart Game" scripting function
  • Added a button to the Item Editor for copying the current item's ID to the clipboard
  • Updated "Assign Value" visual script node with hover tooltip text for the "Value/Expression" field
  • Updated "Set Dialogue" scripting function to support entity references instead of just ID string
  • Updated "Modify Navigation" visual script node to support entity references in parameter fields instead of just ID strings
  • Updated "Assign Entity ID" scripting function to not stop the script when an entity with the specified ID already exists
  • Fixed issue where calling "Lock Camera" with the camera already locked would cause the script to stop
  • Fixed issue where NPCs added via "Add Character" function wouldn't trigger tile scripts (if configured to do so)
  • Fixed issue where line numbers for syntax errors were sometimes incorrect when the script contained comments 
  • Fixed issue where certain NPC behaviors were not working properly after using the "Set Entity Model" function to replace a tile's model
  • Fixed issue with deleting the default theme in the Theme Editor (will now properly fall back to the built-in RPG in a Box theme)
  • Fixed script parser issue with accessing entity stats on the right side of assignment statements when the entity was stored in a local variable
  • Fixed crash that could occur when adding XP to an NPC using an assignment statement
  • Documentation: Added built-in docs for "Add To Group", "Remove From Group", "Assign Entity ID", and "Restart Game" scripting functions
  • Documentation: Updated built-in docs for "Modify Navigation" scripting function to indicate support for entity references instead of just IDs
  • Documentation: Updated built-in docs for "Entity" with note about being able to supply just the ID string for Entity argument types
  • Documentation: Brought built-in docs for "Animation" up to date and included example images
  • Documentation: Updated images and linked various text for "Hide Toolbar", "Show Toolbar", "Show Inventory", "Show Credits", "Set Vision Height", "Lock/Unlock Player Interaction", "Lock/Unlock Player Movement", and "Set Movement Speed" built-in docs

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