Release Notes for v0.5.9.4

  • Added "Clear" button to the Model Tools panel for erasing all voxels from the current frame in the Voxel Editor
  • Added "Range of Numbers" and "Array (List of Values)" as options to the Iterable Expression Builder (for range(...) and array[...] syntaxes)
  • Added ability to double-click the title bar of dialogue tree nodes with children as an alternate method for collapsing/expanding them
  • Added startup tip about clicking the frame number on the Voxel Editor animation toolbar to bring up a draggable slider
  • Added startup tip about assigning colors to a custom palette in the Voxel Editor by clicking the middle mouse button on a color slot
  • Updated Dialogue Editor's color scheme and style to match that of the new visual script graph
  • Updated "Execute Script" function so local variables will now get passed from the current script into the triggered script
  • Updated "Language" dropdown in the Editor Settings dialog to display native language names followed by the current language's translation
  • Replaced message about map's tile size on the "New Resource" dialog with an info icon tooltip
  • Fixed issue with nested "For" loops where the control variable value was not being passed to the inner loop
  • Fixed issue where the game title was not updated in the Main Menu preview when changed from the Game Configuration dialog
  • Fixed issue with built-in translations for the in-game interface not working properly
  • Fixed issue where search field in the Item Editor was incorrectly populated with the placeholder text
  • Fixed issue where editor would be incorrectly undimmed after closing the "Available Tags" popup in the Asset Library, added tooltip for its button
  • Fixed wizard button tooltip on "For Loop" visual script node to have the proper text ("Iterable Expression Builder" instead of "Conditional Expression Builder")
  • Localization: Added Japanese localization (selectable from the general editor settings) and credit in About dialog for michyo (田上 みちよ)
  • Localization: Fixed some cases where text in the editor was displaying in English instead of the current language
  • Documentation: Updated images and linked various text for "Startup Script", "Map", "Reset Camera", "Reset Camera At Speed", "Reset Camera Over Time", and "Reset Entity Rotation" built-in docs

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