Release Notes for v0.6.0.4

  • Added placeholder for the upcoming quickslot bar to the dropdown on the UI Properties panel of the Widgets Editor
  • Added "Code Highlighting" section to the Editor Settings for changing the syntax colors of code displayed in the Script Editor, Quick Script Builder, and other editor text fields
  • Added debug console message that will display when the game attempts to execute a script that doesn't exist (e.g. a tile/object script that has been deleted)
  • Added startup tip about double-clicking within the source code area of the Script Editor to unlock it for editing
  • Added startup tip about changing navigation between two tiles using the "Navigation/Interaction" submenu on the right-click context menu while in "Edit" mode
  • Added syntax highlighting to the command line of the in-game debug console (for coloring of script code manually entered into the text field)
  • Added "BLK NEO" 46-color palette (created by BlackedIRL) to the Voxel Editor's built-in set of palettes
  • Changed default syntax highlighting colors for code displayed in the Script Editor, Quick Script Builder, and other editor text fields
  • Changed font for Script Editor and Quick Script Builder to use a better monospaced version of Noto Sans
  • Fixed issue with collision detection on attached objects not working properly (will now detect mouse input and pass it to the parent entity)
  • Fixed issue where model changes (and potentially other properties) were being lost after using "Set Entity Model", then saving a game, loading, and saving again
  • Fixed issue where specifying the target entity by just its ID as a standalone string was not working properly for the "Attach Object" or "Detach Object" scripting functions
  • Fixed several display issues that would occur in the Map Editor when deleting a script that was currently assigned to an entity in the map
  • Fixed issue with undoing deletion of frames in the Voxel Editor where the old current frame was not being hidden and could cause frames to appear overlapped
  • Fixed issue with vehicle settings incorrectly displaying for tiles and characters in the Map Editor (instead of only for objects)
  • Fixed issue with terrain type of "All" not working properly when selected for a vehicle in the Map Editor
  • Fixed issue with parsing of conditional expressions when combining a "contains" expression with another Boolean expression via "and"/"or"
  • Fixed issue with the "Assign Value" template code not including the "$" prefix on "my_variable" when added to a script
  • Fixed issue with the minimum value of the "Z Offset" slider being too low for attach points in the Voxel Editor
  • Fixed issue with some Polish characters not displaying when typed into text fields in the editor
  • Fixed issue with Russian localization for in-game text missing the translations for "Yes" and "No"
  • Fixed issue with incorrect Obsidian theme colors for the Behavior Settings header of the Entity Properties panel in the Map Editor
  • Fixed issue in the Widget Editor where the inventory/item container window textures would not be pixel perfect at certain application window sizes
  • Documentation: Updated "Script Syntax" built-in docs to use the new "$" prefix syntax for variable names
  • Documentation: Updated images and linked various text for "Override Animation", "Play Sound", "Play Animation", "Play Group Animation", "Put Entity", and "Put Player" built-in docs
  • Localization: Added Russian translations for "Add To Group", "Ambient Light", "Animation", and "Animation Types" documentation
  • Localization: Added French translations for "Add To Group" documentation

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