Release Notes for v0.6.0.5

  • Added test widget to the Widget Editor with the ability to adjust the number of columns and rows (this widget is only for testing purposes currently)
  • Added toolbar button to the Widget Editor for toggling display of the grid lines (only applicable to the test widget for now)
  • Added Widget Tools panel to the Widget Editor for dragging and dropping elements onto the test widget
  • Added usage information and a list of available commands to the in-game debug console (displayed in the console at startup)
  • Added "help" command to the in-game debug console for displaying the usage information and command list at any time
  • Added "Scale Factor" to the attach point settings in the Voxel Editor for defining how much to scale the attached object by
  • Changed "Detach Object" scripting function to not stop the script if an object couldn't be detached and instead log an error message
  • Updated Voxel Editor to automatically select newly added attach points in the Model Properties panel
  • Updated font used by the default UI theme (PixelMplus) to include Polish diacritic characters (ĄĆĘŁŃÓŚŹŻąćęłńóśźż)
  • Fixed issue where local variables within scripts were not being properly restored when loading a saved game
  • Fixed issue with "for" loops and "while" loops within scripts not resuming properly when loading a saved game
  • Fixed issue with the way entities were being stored in variables and properties, which could cause problems when using "Set Entity Model" or loading a saved game
  • Fixed issue with script parser not allowing the global property syntax where entities are expected (e.g. remove_entity(["x"])
  • Fixed issue with script parser not allowing $my_variable.coord syntax to get an entity's coordinate when the entity is stored in a local variable
  • Fixed issue where deleting the first node in a visual script then undoing the deletion will not update the source code
  • Fixed issue where attach points in a model would sometimes move after opening another model of the same type
  • Fixed issue with script trigger type being lost after changing a tile's model via the "Set Entity Model" function
  • Fixed issue where printing or displaying an array containing entities would inadvertently replace the entity references with their display string
  • Fixed issue with entities not being converted properly for display as a string when inside nested arrays
  • Fixed issue with mouse input in certain editors when the "Item Container" widget was currently selected in the Widget Editor
  • Fixed issue where the Dialogue Editor was not being marked as having changes when dropping new nodes onto placeholders or adding multiple player choices
  • Fixed issue where the "Move Up" arrow button would not work properly for the last node in a series of player choices when its branch was at the bottom of the dialogue
  • Fixed issue with the "Move Up" and "Move Down" arrow buttons not appearing for new player choice nodes until the dialogue was re-opened
  • Fixed issue with the "Move Up" and "Move Down" arrow buttons getting stuck with a "pressed" appearance after being used to move a player choice within a dialogue
  • Fixed caret position error when using the up/down arrows keys to navigate through the command history of the in-game debug console

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