Weekly Devlog #3

  • Social media post (tiny reaper) for Voxel Dailies prompt
  • Fixed an undo/redo issue by adding an action whenever an animation is played (by tracking current frame prior to the animation being played) (v0.5)
  • Created idle and walk animation for green slime alien (for inclusion in Asset Library)
  • Added "Stop Permanently" to the NPC Behavior dialog as an option for reacting to obstacles
  • Implemented tree UI to display animation properties on the Model Properties panel (v0.5)
  • Created updated screenshots and GIFs for "Item Container" tutorial
  • Social media post for green alien's walk animation
  • Fixed the undo/redo issue in the current version where an undo action was not being added after playing an animation and ending on a different frame than the current one
  • Implemented back-end logic for editing animation properties from Model Properties panel (v0.5)
  • Wrote and submitted bi-weekly devlog to IndieDB
  • Posted bi-weekly devlog to Itch.io, Steam, official website, etc.
  • Social media post (Ultima bed) for Voxel Dailies prompt
  • Moved "Item Container" tutorial to new wiki, cleaned up and added internal links
  • Created idle and walk animation for grey alien (for inclusion in Asset Library)
  • Added a confirmation dialog when attempting to add an animation with a name that already exists (v0.5)
  • Added a warning dialog when attempting to play an animation in the Voxel Editor with invalid Start/End Frame values (v0.5)
  • Fixed some issues with the "X" close buttons on certain popup windows not calling the proper function (v0.5)
  • Fixed an issue with the "Delete Frame" logic (v0.5)
  • Added a "size" label to the Model Properties header to display grid dimensions for the resource (WxDxH) (v0.5)
  • Social media post for "Item Container" tutorial
  • Implemented UI and back-end logic for grid size sliders in Voxel Editor (v0.5)
  • Added sci-fi models to Asset Libary and updated walk animations for Justin and Sarah example characters
  • Released v0.4.8.6 to Itch.io
  • Implemented initial version of the new "Import Dropped Files" dialog
  • Started implementing logic for importing from MagicaVoxel .vox files
  • Social media post for Screenshot Saturday (demo of importing MagicaVoxel models using drag-and-drop)
  • Finished implementing logic for importing from MagicaVoxel .vox files (v0.5)
  • Implemented F1-F5 shortcut keys for switching between tools in the Voxel Editor (v0.5)
  • Fixed an edge display issue when moving selected voxels under certain circumstances (v0.5)
  • Implemented "New Resource" dialog (tiles, objects, and characters) (v0.5)

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