Weekly Devlog #4


  • Modified grid size slider logic to remove any voxels outside of the new grid boundaries (v0.5)
  • Undo/redo actions for grid size sliders (v0.5)
  • Added undo/redo actions for erasing voxels with the Delete key (v0.5)
  • Fixed an issue where an undo action was being added when no voxels were selected with the mouse (v0.5)
  • Added undo/redo actions for when the mouse is clicked in the void to clear the voxel selection (v0.5)
  • Created wiki page for the Asset Library
  • Implemented logic to add model to the resource container and Game Explorer when creating a new resource or importing from a .vox file (v0.5)
  • Implemented logic to select and show a resource in the Game Explorer tree when it's opened or switched to in the editor (v0.5)
  • Enabled "Delete" button on the Game Explorer toolbar and implemented back-end logic for deleting resources (v0.5)
  • Implemented UI for the Game Explorer's right-click context menu (v0.5)


  • Implemented logic for "Open File Location" and "Delete" items on Game Explorer context menu (v0.5)
  • Implemented UI and logic for "Favorites" tab and "Add to Favorites" item on Game Explorer context menu (v0.5)
  • Set up some global logic to maintain which resource types should show their file extensions (e.g. in the Game Explorer and Favorites tabs) (v0.5)
  • Added code to display any Game Explorer item marked as a favorite in green text and allow removal from Favorites from the Game Explorer (i.e. toggling) (v0.5)
  • Added code to remove any invalid favorites from the game's configuration file when opening a game (v0.5)
  • Implemented UI for the resource container's right-click context menu (v0.5)
  • Implemented logic for "Open File Location" and "Delete" items on resource container context menu (v0.5)


  • Implemented logic for "Add to Favorites" item on resource container context menu (v0.5)
  • Implemented a visual cursor for the Voxel Editor to indicate current position in the 3D grid (similar to MagicaVoxel) (v0.5)
  • Added a lock icon with informational tooltip that is displayed to indicate that built-in palettes can't be modified. (v0.5)
  • Fixed an issue with selecting "Open File Location" for the Game Configuration item in the Game Explorer (v0.5)
  • Added a "star" icon that will display in the top left corner of any resource preview buttons for resources that are marked as favorites (v0.5)
  • Added code to always re-populate "Collision Override" dropdown on the Model Properties panel for tiles when clicking on the dropdown (v0.5)
  • Added code to update the Grid Size info on the Model Properties panel whenever any grid sliders are changed. (v0.5)


  • Implemented reusable functions for automatically refreshing dropdown boxes containing resource lists (tile, scripts, images, etc.) (v0.5)
  • Added support for modifying an animation's name by clicking on the name in the Model Properties panel (v0.5)
  • Created "well" object model for Ultima demo game and worked a bit more on the starting area
  • Fixed an error that occur when saving a map in the Map Editor directly after deleting resources from the map
  • Added support for Ctrl+S in the Map Editor to save changes to the map
  • Fixed an issue where removing an animation in the Voxel Editor was unnecessarily triggering the meshes to be generated again when saving


  • Implemented a filter box for the resource containers that allows searching by one or more tags (v0.5)
  • Social media post for the improved filtering and new "star" icon shown for favorites
  • Fixed an issue where the name field was not being re-validated after the resource type was changed in the "New Resource" dialog (v0.5)
  • Added width, depth, and height fields to the "New Resource" dialog to allow the grid size to be set up front when creating a new model (v0.5)
  • Fixed an issue where the voxel cursor was not being hidden when the mouse was outside of the viewport (v0.5)
  • Changed middle mouse button to move the view in the Voxel Editor instead of rotating to better match MagicaVoxel controls (v0.5)
  • Added info label to bottom right corner of Voxel Editor to display current view (front, back, etc.) (v0.5)


  • Created a few more assets for the PETSCII-style demo game
  • Fixed an issue where the "Save" button was not being disabled when using the Ctrl+S shortcut to save a map in the Map Editor
  • Implemented the "Center Current View" button to re-center the Voxel Editor camera (v0.5)

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Wow, you're so hard-working, that's awesome! Thank you for your enthusiasm <3


Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate that! I am trying my best to make it great. :)