Weekly Devlog #6


  • Christmas with family


  • Added "script" as an option to the New Resource dialog (v0.5)
  • Implemented initial UI for Script Editor toolbar (New, Save, Undo, Redo buttons) (v0.5)
  • Added code to automatically select a specific type in the New Resource dialog according to the active editor type (v0.5)
  • Recompiled Linux binaries (editor and game distributables) to use built-in freetype, libpng, and openssl libraries to fix errors when attemping to run on Fedora distributions
  • Released updated Linux binaries for RPG in a Box (v0.4.8.8), Example Game, and Dungeon in my Pocket (see above)


  • Implemented initial UI for "script function library" and logic for populating list with available functions (v0.5)
  • Cleaned up, renamed, and transferred various icons for the list of script functions (v0.5)
  • Moved all names and descriptions for scripting functions into the localization spreadsheet and changed logic to pull text from translation data (v0.5)


  • Implemented initial UI for Script Editor toolbar (v0.5)
  • Implemented initial UI for the visual script graph (v0.5)
  • Implemented logic for closing tabs in the Script Editor (v0.5)
  • Modified graph node to include a "title icon" that is displayed in the upper left corner (v0.5)
  • Move some common editor tab-related functionality into a base editor class (v0.5)
  • Implemented initial UI for "source code" section of Script Editor (v0.5)


  • Signed up for a Trello account, read through some of the guides, created board for RPG in a Box
  • Added "Add to Script" button to the script function library (v0.5)
  • Implemented logic for filtering functions by keyword in the script function library (v0.5)
  • Started migration of the script parser for v0.5, various related cleanup and refactoring (v0.5)
  • Implemented visual node for "Display Message" function (v0.5)


  • Implemented code for adding a visual node to the graph when double-clicking an item in the script function library (v0.5)
  • Created "start node" for script graph (v0.5)
  • Implemented code for saving the visual script graph when it exists, or loading a default one when the script is invalid (v0.5)
  • Implemented code for building a visual script graph from a script's source code when no scene file exists (v0.5)
  • Implemented code for closing the current Script Editor tab using Ctrl+W shortcut (v0.5)

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What is the trello address for RPG in a box?

It isn't public yet since I still need to set up some initial cards for the board, but I'll be sure to post an update once it's ready!