Weekly Devlog #7

I hope everyone is having a great 2018 so far! Now that I have a Trello board set up, it will take the place of these weekly devlogs going forward. I will be updating the board daily to track tasks that I'm working on as well as a place to store ideas and notes for planned features.

You can find my Trello board and follow along with my progress here: https://trello.com/b/DOouCUhR

  • Fixed a bug where pressing Ctrl+Z in the Map Editor to undo an action would also result in the camera moving forward if using AZERTY keyboard mode along with the free camera
  • Various cleanup and renaming of some variables in the script parser code (v0.5)
  • Added code to disabled the "Delete" action in on the script graph popup menu if no nodes are selected (or only the start node) (v0.5)
  • Added code to deselect all nodes when right-clicking in empty space of the script graph, or select a node and deselect others if right-clicking a node not currently in the selection (v0.5)
  • Added "Select All" action to the script graph popup menu to allow selection of all nodes in the graph at once (v0.5)
  • Implemented logic for saving node connections for script graphs and restoring them when the script is opened (v0.5)
  • Implemented Ctrl+S shortcut for saving the current script in the Script Editor (v0.5)
  • Out of town for New Year's Day
  • Modified script graph nodes to display a separate, lighter color for background of title area (v0.5)
  • Change style of script "Start" node to use green colors instead of blue (v0.5)
  • Implemented logic for "View Documentaion" button in script function library (v0.5)
  • Changed color of "X" button on script nodes to red (v0.5)
  • Started setting up cards on the Trello board
  • Wrote and submitted bi-weekly devlog to IndieDB
  • Posted bi-weekly devlog to Itch.io, Steam, official website, etc.
  • Added some more cards to the Trello board
  • Fixed an issue with the grid width and grid depth sliders in the Voxel Editor (v0.5)
  • Finished code for deleting visual script nodes from the graph (v0.5)
  • Added some more cards to the Trello board
  • Implemented visual node for "Add Character" function (v0.5)
  • Added logic to update a script's source code when the script graph is changed (v0.5)
  • Added shortcut key for deleting selected visual script nodes (v0.5)
  • Fixed "selected" style color for the "Start" visual script node (v0.5)
  • Added some more cards to the Trello board
  • Updated game migration tools to export/import maps (v0.5)
  • Implemented standard camera controls (move, rotate, zoom) in Map Editor (v0.5)
  • Implemented base viewport for displaying maps in the Map Editor (v0.5)
  • Created base editor class and moved appropriate functionality into it (v0.5)
  • Added Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y shortcuts to Script Editor (v0.5)
  • Implemented undo/redo action for adding a visual script node to the graph (v0.5)
  • Implemented visual script node for "Add Tile" function (v0.5)
  • Create reusable visual node component for entering coordinate values (v0.5)
  • Create reusable visual node component for selecting a cardinal direction (v0.5)
  • Implemented visual script node for "Load Map" function (v0.5)
  • Added translation entries to spreadsheet for all visual script node controls (v0.5)
  • Implemented undo/redo actions for deleting nodes in the Script Editor (v0.5)

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