Release Notes for v0.6.3.0

New Features/Changes:

  • Added the ability to copy and paste voxels in the Voxel Editor (via Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V or the "Copy" and "Paste" buttons on the Model Tools panel)
  • Added ability to combine items into a stack and to split item stacks by holding Ctrl key to grab one at a time
  • Added "Inventory Widget" property in the Voxel Editor for specifying a custom widget to use for the character's inventory
  • Added "Container Widget" property in the Map Editor for specifying a custom widget to use for an object configured as an item container
  • Added gameplay mechanic setting to the Game Configuration dialog for adjusting the fog of war distance
  • Added setting to widgets for displaying an "X" close button in the titlebar (configurable from the Widget Properties panel when the titlebar is enabled)
  • Added tooltip and hover graphics functionality for widget item slots (storage slots, equipment slots, and crafting input slots)
  • Added preliminary built-in widget for Equipment with a player model element and slots for the default slot IDs of "head", "left_hand", and "right_hand"
  • Added "Capture Image to File" functionality to the Map Editor for capturing a region of the viewport to a PNG file (similar to Voxel Editor)
  • Added "Embark Script" option for objects configured as vehicles in the Map Editor (triggers when the player character enters the vehicle)
  • Added lock icons next to the built-in widgets in the Widget Editor toolbar dropdown to indicate that they can't be edited
  • Added option to the Main Main Editor for specifying whether or not NPCs are allowed to move around when the Main Menu uses a background map
  • Added Steam rich presence value for "Game Configuration" that will display while in the game config dialog
  • Added "General" section to the Combat Editor with initial options for changing the default damage sound effect and toggling the damage shake/flash effect
  • Added editor setting for selection color to the Voxel Editor section and changed the default color to #DFFF00
  • Added placeholder "Screens" tab to the UI Editor in preparation for future functionality (currently this tab only displays a preview of the management screen)
  • Converted the built-in inventory and item container windows over to the new widget system to allow for easier customization in the future
  • Improved keyboard and gamepad movement to be more fluid when controlling the player character (should require less releasing/pressing to continue moving)
  • Changed item quick slot controls to use left-clicking for item usage and right-clicking for clearing the quick slot
  • Updated Widget Editor to allow built-in widgets (inventory, item container, and quick slot bar) to be duplicated into a custom widget
  • Updated item quick slots to display hover graphics and hand interaction cursor when appropriate
  • Updated shop item slots to show an item tooltip upon hovering (including the cost of the item set in the Item Editor)
  • Updated in-game cursor to display how many of an item is currently being held when transferring stacked items
  • Updated "Show Toolbar" and "Hide Toolbar" scripting functions to only work when the Management Screen is enabled
  • Updated turn-based battles to display a health bar over the main player character instead of only over the other party members
  • Updated health bar in the lower left corner to display the active party member's health during turn-based battles (and to be hidden during an enemy's turn)
  • Updated turn-based battle interface to hide the "End Turn" text while the Management Screen is open
  • Updated vehicle interaction to require the "Walk and Interact" path type between the player character's tile and the vehicle's tile
  • Updated Management Screen in-game to remember any custom widgets that were opened when closing then re-opening the Management Screen
  • Moved "Management Screen" options to the "User Interface" section of the Game Configuration dialog (which is now enabled by default)
  • Moved script settings for "Trigger When" and "Triggerable by NPCs" below the source code area on the Entity Properties panel of the Map Editor
  • Enabled caret blinking functionality for various text fields throughout the editor interface
  • Changed default cursor color to #A040FF and default surface edge color to #FF0080 in the Voxel Editor

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where "Craft Item by ID" widget buttons were not working properly when a recipe required more than one of a particular item
  • Fixed widget element errors that would fill the console when changing the player character's model using the "Set Entity Model" function
  • Fixed issue with 3D model widget elements not being updated when the player character's model was changed
  • Fixed issue with the player's minimap position not being updated in widgets after the player's character model was changed
  • Fixed issue with the indicator for the player's position displaying in the incorrect location in minimap widget elements
  • Fixed issue where items equipped to the player via scripts would not be reflected in 3D model widget elements (when configured with attach points)
  • Fixed issue with item tooltips not being hidden when using the "I" key to close the inventory
  • Fixed issue with entity tooltips not being hidden when using the "I" key to open the inventory
  • Fixed issue with item slot hover graphic not being cleared when using the "I" key to close the inventory
  • Fixed issue where the game cursor and entity tooltip were not being properly cleared when the mouse cursor moved into a widget
  • Fixed issue with positioning of fixed (i.e. non-draggable) widgets when the game was fullscreen or using a window size greater than 1280x720
  • Fixed issue with dialogues failing to start when they were triggered from a button's script within a widget
  • Fixed issue with the frame image not showing properly for newly created widgets (showed as solid blue background instead of the default graphics with rounded borders)
  • Fixed issue with moving an element onto an invalid position in the Widget Editor (element will now revert to its original position instead of being removed)
  • Fixed issue where a element's type icon would inadvertently reappear after moving the element when type icons were disabled on the Widget Editor toolbar
  • Fixed issue where a newly duplicated widget sometimes couldn't be selected from the dropdown in the Widget Editor until re-opening the project
  • Fixed issue with entity references in scripts not being properly converted to strings before being concatenated with another value and displayed
  • Fixed some cases where a script or dialogue could fail when the built-in "self" variable referenced an entity that was previously removed from the scene
  • Fixed issue where items couldn't be equipped to equipment slots if the project did not yet have a "stats.json" file
  • Fixed issue where the matrix dropdown was not being hidden when first importing a QB model into the Voxel Editor and then selecting a VOX file to import
  • Fixed issue where the maximum value for "Initial Frame" was not being properly set in the Map Editor based on the selected entity
  • Fixed issue where "Initial Frame" was not being applied to the model in the Map Editor until focusing another field or selecting another entity
  • Fixed error that occurred in the Map Editor when selecting an item container containing an item that no longer exists
  • Fixed issue where item containers would display with an empty slot in-game when an item in the container had been removed from the item database
  • Fixed surface edge issues that could occur when importing a VOX model with multiple frames into the Voxel Editor
  • Fixed issue where pressing the Enter key in direct entry fields of visual script nodes would insert a line break
  • Fixed issue where the properties tab would incorrectly display Widget Properties when a project was first opened
  • Fixed issue with changes to item costs not working properly in the Item Editor and costs inadvertently defaulting to 15 in-game
  • Fixed wording on "Terrain Types" dialog when setting the terrain types for a vehicle in the Map Editor (changed "character" to "vehicle")


  • Added initial version of built-in docs for "Vehicles" and "Terrain Types"

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