Release Notes for v0.9.0

  • Added initial implementation of Quest Editor with ability to define quests (with settings for name, description, completion script, failure script, and tags)
  • Added built-in Quest Log widget to display the player's current quests (accessed in-game via management screen, can be disabled in Screen Editor)
  • Added initial implementation of first-person menu-driven combat to allow simple turn-based dungeon crawler style combat
  • Added "Give Quest" scripting function for giving a quest to the player using its unique ID (e.g. give_quest("QUEST_0001"))
  • Added "Complete Quest" scripting function for completing a quest that was previously given to the player (will trigger quests's "Completion Script")
  • Added "Fail Quest" scripting function for failing a quest that was previously given to the player (will trigger quests's "Failure Script") - Added "Quest Editor" as an option for the "Default Editor Tab" setting in the General section of the Editor Settings dialog
  • Added support for OBJ exporting to the Voxel Editor (via "Export to External Format" toolbar button, with toggle setting for "One file per frame")
  • Added ".objects" scripting syntax for getting objects that currently exist on a tile (returned as an array, or null if no objects exist)
  • Added "comma-separated tags" placeholder text to the Tags field in the Item Editor to help clarify how the item's tags should be entered
  • Updated Bauxite source code generation in the Script Editor to always include semicolons after statements, even for those that are the last in a set
  • Removed "under construction" messages from the top of the Combat Editor and bottom of the Widget Editor and Screen Editor
  • Removed debug messages that would display in the console when creating a new voxel group in the Voxel Editor
  • Fixed some issues that could occur when attempting to duplicate an existing battle in the Combat Editor

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The speed as of late to get out first versions of major features is … oof! Amazing job

Thanks so much! I'm excited to finally be getting the groundwork laid for some of these things. :)