Beyond 1.0 Campaign is Live!

Hey everyone! I'm super excited to announce that the "Beyond 1.0" campaign for RPG in a Box is now live on Indiegogo! Check it out here: Help me take RPG in a Box beyond 1.0 so everyone can bring their stories and ideas to life! Sarah is really looking forward to creating custom assets for you all as part of the perks! Let me know if you have any questions about the campaign or about RPG in a Box in general.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped support RPG in a Box in any way up to this point and to everyone who will do so going forward! I truly appreciate your help in bringing RPG in a Box to the world. I believe that it can be a means of creative expression for everyone! 😊 ❤️

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Hello Justin,

your IndieGoGo campaign page is not very clear about what features it will bring to RPG In A Box. I've seen the link to the Trello Board, but it's mixing technical details, bugfixing, optimization, etc. Users may want to have a peek at the broader picture. Why not add a roadmap to your campaign page?

Your YouTube Channel didn't mention the campaign neither.

Thank you for the feedback! I considered this, but in the end it didn't make sense to tie any specific features or functionality to the campaign as goals. Everything on my Trello board will be added eventually regardless of the outcome of the campaign, and it could be misleading to list certain software features directly on the campaign. The main goal of the campaign is to allow me to continue developing RPG in a Box by providing the necessary short-term support needed for myself and my family, and to hopefully achieve further visibility and recognition.

I've seen you included future goals in the campaign. That makes it more clear to where you are going with the project, that's pretty nice!

But I'm still going to be nit-picky here: remember that whenever you put an image on the web, 20% of web users can't see its pixels. I'm not sure RPG in a box or its exported games are going to be a11y friendly, but it might still be worth it to add some text to your image to have that extra Google ranking

That said, I wish you the best for this project!