Beyond 1.0: Update #1

Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a moment and say "Thank You" to the 40 wonderful backers so far, as well as those who are planning to contribute but haven't been able to yet! I really appreciate your support in getting this to where it is. We recently crossed the $1,200 mark with 21 days remaining which is awesome, but there's still a long way to go! If everyone could tell their friends, colleagues, and family members, I would greatly appreciate the help in spreading the word about RPG in a Box and this campaign so I can continue its development. Here's the link that you can share with others:

RPG in a Box is a serious dream and an extension of who I am, and I truly believe that there's something in it for everyone, whether you're completely new to making games and want to bring a story or idea to life, or you're an experienced developer looking for a breath of fresh air. You can even have a lot of fun just creating a world for yourself to play around in and explore!

Speaking of creating worlds to play around in, over the weekend I made some more progress on the Kenney Tiny Dungeon asset conversion. I handmade the tiles into 3D using the built-in Voxel Editor and built this map in RPG in a Box all within a few hours! I'm planning to include these in the official Asset Library. Check out this short video I made demonstrating the tileset in action!

Here's the original tweet for anyone who'd like to help share it out on Twitter:

Thank you so much again for your support! 💖😊

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