Release Notes for v1.0.5

New Features/Changes:

  • Added top-down orthogonal camera mode to the Map Editor for easier 2D/overhead map creation (located next to the isometric camera button)
  • Added "Panorama Sky" background option to the Map Properties panel of the Map Editor (image needs to be an equirectangular sky map)
  • Added new option to the "Reaction to Obstacle" NPC behavior setting for running a custom script upon encountering an obstacle
  • Added ability to control pushable objects using the mouse by clicking on a valid tile in front of the object or behind the player character
  • Added ability to release a pushable object currently held by the player character by clicking on it (in addition to the G key)
  • Added "Object is Grabbed" and "Object is Released" global event scripts ("self" contains object, "initiator" contains character)
  • Added "Object is Pushed" global event script ("self" contains object, "initiator" contains character, tiles are stored in $previous_tile and $target_tile variables)
  • Added ability to scale objects and characters being placed into a map (Shift + Scroll Wheel scales by 0.05, Ctrl + Scroll Wheel scales by 0.1)
  • Added "Copy Settings" and "Paste Settings" buttons to the Model Properties panel for copying the offset/scale/rotation values between attach points
  • Added ability to separately scale the X, Y, and Z values of attach points in the Voxel Editor from the Model Properties panel
  • Added setting to the Widget Properties panel which, when enabled, will pass mouse input through areas of the widget not occupied by elements
  • Added "on close" script setting to the Widget Properties panel that gets triggered when the widget's "X" close button is pressed ("self" contains widget)
  • Added "UI Scale" option to the Editor Settings dialog so that the interface can be scaled for high DPI displays
  • Added "Free Movement" experimental setting to the Game Configuration dialog (only basic movement/interaction supported, full gameplay not yet possible)
  • Increased maximum in-game zoom distance to 300 (adjustable from the Gameplay section of the Game Configuration dialog)
  • Updated eyedropper tool in the Map Editor (Alt + Left-Click) to also get the scale of the selected object or character
  • Updated "Predefined Animation Names" dialog in the Voxel Editor to include directional animation names ("idle_north", "walk_north", etc.)
  • Updated character animation functionality to auto-trigger corresponding walk/idle/attack animations on any attached objects when played
  • Updated About dialog to include credit to andysphinx for the "Box of Colors" default Voxel Editor palette

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several in-game issues with the pushable object functionality when used with the first-person camera
  • Fixed issue with the player being able to release a pushable object in the middle of two tiles while pushing it
  • Fixed issue with default scale not being properly applied when the player character was configured as a billboard sprite
  • Fixed issue with characters configured as "Two-Dimensional" being incorrectly rotated upon reacting to an obstacle (via behavior setting)
  • Fixed issue with holding Ctrl + Middle Mouse Button and dragging up/down to zoom not working properly in the Map Editor when isometric camera was enabled
  • Fixed issue with Voxel Editor being marked as having changes when pressing ESC to deselect all selected voxels
  • Fixed issue where "Request Coordinate" and "Request Entity" scripting functions could be triggered even when one was already being requested
  • Fixed issue where the "type" built-in property was not being accepted as valid syntax when used with a variable (e.g. $my_entity.type)
  • Fixed issue with using compound operators (+=, -=, etc.) to modify stat values via scripts not working correctly (literal value would be assigned to the stat)
  • Fixed error that could occur when using "Capture to Image" in the Voxel Editor then later switching to the "Mesh Preview" mode


  • Updated "Map Editor" built-in docs to include info about additional camera controls (holding C and moving mouse to edge of view)

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