FPS in a Box

Hey everyone, I have some exciting news to share! After extensive consideration, I've decided to rename RPG in a Box to FPS in a Box! As part of this transition, I'll be gradually phasing out any RPG-related mechanics and will begin centering the engine around shooters (with a focus on first-person). Keep an eye out for more information coming soon! 😄

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just a april joke, Dont panic

Why not call it a Box in a Box since it's all Voxels?  Or May be FPS^3 (Cubed)?  I suggest changing Stumpy  to a Raccoon with an unhealthy obsession of large guns.

The main reason for the name change: The first game (Vloxelworld), it was in first person view, for the rest I don't understand why you wanted to try to make an RPG engine if in the end it's better at making first person games.