Release Notes for v1.0.7.2

Free Movement Updates:

  • Added initial implementation of free melee attacking for the player character (left mouse button to attack at any time)
  • Added ability to create custom collision shapes in the Voxel Editor for tiles and objects (using cubes and prisms, more to come)
  • Added "Collision Override" option for objects in the Voxel Editor to allow use of the new collision shape functionality
  • Added "Physics" tab to the gameplay section of the Game Configuration dialog for adjusting physics-related settings
  • Added "Jumping" and "Vertical Velocity" settings to the "Physics" tab for toggling jumping and adjusting the vertical velocity for jumping
  • Added "Sprinting" and "Speed Multiplier" settings to the "Physics" tab for toggling sprinting and adjusting the speed multiplier for sprinting
  • Updated collision functionality so that NPCs can now trigger scripts assigned to an object's "Character Collides" event when touching the object
  • Updated collision shapes for characters to be per animation frame and to be box-shaped for better collision detection
  • Updated player movement functionality to trigger "Character Enters Tile" and "Character Exits Tile" scripts
  • Updated player movement functionality so that hostile NPCs will now attempt to attack the player from adjacent tiles
  • Updated player movement functionality to properly support the auto-hiding feature (i.e. hiding groups with the "-hide" suffix)
  • Updated debug console so "self" will reference the entity within interaction range that the player is looking at while in first-person mode
  • Fixed issue where "Character Interacts" scripts could not be triggered when assigned to objects configured as passable
  • Fixed issue where damage/healing numbers were displaying at the center of the map instead of over top of the player character
  • Fixed issue where the "player.direction" variable was not returning the proper cardinal direction when referenced in a script
  • Fixed issue where maps could fail to load when they contained any passable objects configured as billboard sprites
  • Fixed issue where "self" was not returning the player entity when used in the debug console with the cursor over the player character
  • Fixed issue where the collision box for a player character with a smaller/larger default scale was not being created at the correct size
  • Fixed issue where a player character with an empty model or consisting of only attachments would cause the game to not start

New Features/Changes:

  • Added "Field of View" camera setting to the gameplay section of the Game Configuration dialog for adjusting the camera's field of view in degrees
  • Added ability to customize the default player attack cooldown and the default NPC attack cooldown from the Combat Editor's general section
  • Added ability to configure a custom "miss" sound effect in the Combat Editor (played whenever a character misses their attack)
  • Added "Line Mode" setting for text fields to indicate whether it should behave as a single-line field (e.g. for player name entry) or a multi-line field
  • Updated "Character Collides" event for object scripts so that NPCs can now trigger them upon entering the tile with that object (grid-based movement)
  • Updated first-person mode to hide any objects attached to the player character if a view model is defined in the Game Configuration
  • Updated first-person view model functionality to auto-attach an equipped item's object model to the view model if a matching attach point exists
  • Removed old "Free Movement" setting from the experimental section of the Game Configuration dialog as it's now been replaced by the new system

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where items could not be crafted in-game unless the recipe's ingredients/materials were in numerical order by item ID
  • Fixed issue where the "Move Player" scripting function would no longer work properly and would instead display an error in the debug console
  • Fixed issue where using the "Set Dialogue" function to change a spawned NPC's dialogue could affect other NPCs when both were using "Standard" behavior
  • Fixed issue where modifying the "Triggerable by NPCs" script setting would affect other entities of the same type that had a default script when added to the map
  • Fixed issue where character stats and skills were not being properly restored after loading a saved game (needs a new save to work)
  • Fixed issue where widget text elements were incorrectly showing the placeholder expression after loading a saved game (needs a new save to work)
  • Fixed issue where text fields that had been edited by the player were not being properly restored when loading a saved game (needs a new save to work)
  • Fixed issue where certain widget elements could not be clicked on with the mouse after loading a saved game where the widget was visible when saved
  • Fixed issue where mouse input was being interfered with in the editor when a widget in the active project contained a text field with scrollbars
  • Fixed issue with the stairs in the house of the Default Example Game project template being positioned one voxel too high above the floor


  • Updated "Import Resources" built-in docs to include info about dragging and dropping files onto the application window

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