Release Notes for v1.0.8.2

  • Added support to free movement for the "Request Coordinate" and "Request Entity" scripting functions (previously would only work when used in grid movement mode)
  • Added support to free movement for interacting with items that have been dropped onto the ground (via the "Interact (Adjacent)" action, "E" key by default)
  • Added "Message Log Timeout" setting to the Game Configuration's UI section (duration to wait before clearing messages logged via the "Log Message" function, 0 = never clear)
  • Added "Insert Expression" button to the Element Properties tab for easily adding placeholder expressions to text labels and text fields via the Expression Builder dialog
  • Added "Player Stat", "Party Member Stat", "Entity Stat", "Player Direction", "Entity Direction", and "Initiator" to the Expression Builder in the Script Editor
  • Updated new input bindings system so the "Interact (Cursor)" action will work with custom controls for interacting with items that are dropped onto the ground
  • Fixed issue where the "Character is Damaged" and "Character's Health Changes" global event scripts were not being triggered during menu-driven combat
  • Fixed issue where characters were not being properly defeated when reduced to zero health from a status effect that applied damage over time
  • Fixed issue where changing the action for a built-in binding on the Input Bindings tab wouldn't save properly the first time and would need to be assigned again
  • Fixed issue where text labels and images on widgets were no longer allowing mouse input to pass through the widget when the "Mouse Input Pass-Through" setting was enabled
  • Fixed issue where widget skill slots were not being properly cleared out when assigning null or an empty string to the slot's "skill" property
  • Fixed issue where the default scale was not being applied to auto-attached objects in the Voxel Editor (only the scale of the attach point itself was applied)
  • Fixed issue where items that had been dropped onto the ground could no longer be picked up in grid movement (player would walk to the tile instead)
  • Fixed issue where the "Request Entity" scripting function was no longer allowing the selection of an entity when triggered from grid movement mode
  • Fixed issue where an invalid coordinate could potentially be selected via the "Request Coordinate" function when quickly clicking the mouse multiple times in a row
  • Fixed issue where collision was not being properly set up for tiles that were added in-game in free movement mode using the "Add Tile" scripting function
  • Fixed issue where the player could inadvertently perform actions like move, jump, and crouch while the management screen was open in free movement mode
  • Fixed issue where the player would keep moving forward when attempting to interact with an object from a distance while in first-person grid movement
  • Fixed issue where the player could still move with the left mouse button in first-person grid movement even if mouse movement was disabled in the Game Configuration
  • Fixed issue where a quick script assigned as a default script for a tile or object was not being applied in-game when using the "Add Tile" or "Add Object" function
  • Fixed issue where the "Modify Navigation" and "Replace Navigation" scripting functions would not accept an explicit numeric value for the navigation type parameter
  • Fixed issue where the Pause Menu wouldn't open if the widget assigned as the player character's custom inventory widget was currently visible
  • Fixed issue where the "" built-in variable (containing the current map's name) was not properly being allowed as an operand in conditional expressions
  • Fixed issue where the right operand was inadvertently being converted to an integer when modifying a character's "speed" stat with a compound operator

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