Release Notes for v1.0.8.3

  • Added initial support for enemies to use ranged weapons in tactical turn-based combat (weapon will be automatically used when given and equipped)
  • Added initial support for status effects to tactical and menu-driven turn-based combat (status effects will tick at the beginning of a character's turn)
  • Added "Interval (Turn-Based)" setting to the Stats Editor for configuring how often an applicable status effect will tick when applied during turn-based battles
  • Added "Default Equipment" section for characters to the Voxel Editor's Model Properties tab (items will be automatically given and equipped on startup)
  • Updated standard camera functionality for tactical turn-based combat to now track enemy characters during their turn instead of only party members
  • Updated limit for the camera zoom's maximum value in the Game Configuration dialog to 1000 voxel units instead of the previous limit of 300
  • Updated "Attach Effect" failure message from an error to a warning when attempting to attach an effect to an entity without the specified attach point
  • Updated signature hints used by the Script Editor and debug console's auto-complete to bring it up to date (37 event functions, 18 utility functions)
  • Fixed issue where "On Hit" scripts were not being properly triggered when enemies equipped with melee weapons would attack a player character
  • Fixed issue where real-time health bars were not displayed or updated for characters that were being damaged by a "Damage Over Time" status effect
  • Fixed issue where a status effect's image and description were inadvertently cleared out in the Stats Editor when the "Effect Type" setting was changed
  • Fixed issue where the "Interval (Roguelike)" setting in the Stats Editor was not being hidden for status effects of type "Stat Buff" or "Stat Debuff"
  • Fixed issue where enemies with the "Attackable in Real-Time" setting enabled were able to attack player characters in real-time during tactical turn-based battles
  • Fixed issue where enemies that had spawned via an enemy spawn could not be attacked with the left mouse button after saving then loading a game
  • Fixed issue where current counts for enemy spawns were not being stored when saving a game, causing the spawn limit to potentially be exceeded when loading
  • Fixed issue where a player character's idle animation wouldn't trigger after having attacked an enemy with a ranged weapon then stopping on a tile
  • Fixed issue where the "Two-Dimensional" setting in the Voxel Editor was not properly preventing characters from rotating towards their movement direction
  • Fixed issue where the "Character Stops on Tile" event (global and per tile) was not being triggered when an NPC was moved via "Put Entity" (only the player)
  • Fixed issue where widget element properties (<element>.text, <element>.script, etc.) were not properly being allowed as operands in conditional expressions
  • Fixed issue where shop item slots were being inadvertently cleared out if the game was restarted instead of being reset to their original state
  • Fixed issue where an input binding could not be added back again after being removed unless it was also removed from the other keyboard layout first


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