Release Notes for v1.0.8.4

New Features/Changes:

  • Added "Disable Action" and "Enable Action" scripting functions for disabling/enabling input actions via script (e.g. "move_up", "jump", "zoom_camera_in", etc.)
  • Added "Floating Health Bars" setting to "General" section of the Stats Editor for toggling the bars shown during battles or when a character has lost health
  • Added "Damage/Healing Popups" setting to "General" section of the Stats Editor for toggling the popups shown when a character is damaged or healed
  • Added "Level/XP Popups" setting to the "General" section of the Stats Editor for toggling the popups shown when a character receives XP or levels up
  • Added ability to assign custom equipment slot configurations (created in the Stats Editor) per character from the Model Properties tab in the Voxel Editor
  • Added ability to customize or disable the default "death" sound effect in the Combat Editor (played whenever a character has been defeated)
  • Added "Strafe Left" and "Strafe Right" as bindable actions to the Game Configuration dialog (default of Q/E keys, only applicable to first-person grid-based)
  • Added "End Turn" scripting function for ending the active character's turn during turn-based battles or ending/passing a turn for the roguelike action system
  • Added "Change Player" to the "Available Functions" list in the Script Editor (uses a "Source Code" node until a visual node is implemented in a future release)
  • Updated "End Turn" input action ("T" key by default) to also work while the roguelike action system is active (will end/pass a turn for the player)
  • Updated management screen to store separate layouts per character in order to maintain widget positioning/visibility when swapping between player characters
  • Updated real-time health bars in grid movement to only display once a character is hit by a projectile, rather than displaying as soon as the projectile was fired
  • Updated dialog for changing an input binding's action with icons indicating when an action is restricted to certain modes (first/third-person, grid/free movement)
  • Updated "noclip" debugging feature so its movement controls will now work with the new input binding system (free movement uses jump/crouch for up/down)
  • Updated "Change Player" scripting function to throw an error to the debug console when used in free movement mode until it can be properly implemented

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where the player would continue moving in free movement after certain events like starting dialogue, opening item containers, dying, etc.
  • Fixed issue where the player was incorrectly starting at coordinate (0, 0, 0) when loading a game in free movement (camera would also be out of sync in third-person)
  • Fixed issue where the first-person camera's vertical mouse look limits could become out of sync after loading another map while the view was off-center
  • Fixed issue where pressing the movement keys in free movement during dialogue would cause the player character's walk animation to start playing
  • Fixed issue where the visual movement squares for tactical turn-based battles were shown on tiles even if they were a prohibited terrain type for that character
  • Fixed issue where the enemy counter text was not updating at the very start of an enemy's turn during tactical battles, only after they had started moving
  • Fixed issue where real-time health bars were not displaying for characters when damaged by projectiles in free movement, only by melee weapons
  • Fixed issue where the player's XP and Level Up popups in free movement were incorrectly displaying at the map's origin instead of the player's current position
  • Fixed issue where the "Request Entity" function was not working properly when used with first-person free movement (cursor for selecting an entity wouldn't appear)
  • Fixed issue where entity tooltips ("Tooltip" setting in the Map Editor) were not displaying in free movement when hovering over the entity with the mouse cursor
  • Fixed issue where the "death" sound effect was not playing when characters were killed by a status effect in real-time or via the "Damage Entity" function
  • Fixed issue where the equipment widget would no longer function properly after using "Set Entity Model" to change the model of the player character
  • Fixed issue where the "Attack Cooldown", "Real-Time Fire Mode", and "Min/Max Range" settings for weapons were not being applied when used as default equipment
  • Fixed issue where using the "Change Player" function was not properly updating the management screen's equipment widget to reflect the active character's equipment
  • Fixed issue where a duplicate of the original player character would be present after using "Change Player" to switch to an NPC then restarting the game
  • Fixed issue where the inventory widget would incorrectly display when first opening the management screen even with the inventory toolbar button disabled
  • Fixed issue where equipment widgets weren't properly updating when switching between player characters in real-time via the "Change Player" function
  • Fixed issue where widgets that had been displayed via script were not being hidden when quitting to the title screen or restarting the game
  • Fixed issue where the player could still zoom the camera in and out even when the binding actions for "Wheel Up" and "Wheel Down" were set to "None"
  • Fixed issue where the equipment slot configurations in the Stats Editor were not being properly cleared out when closing a project then opening another
  • Fixed issue where placeholder expressions in widget text elements would show the literal expression instead of the evaluated result after restarting a game

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