RPG in a Box v1.1 has arrived!

RPG in a Box v1.1 has arrived! It's by far the largest update to ever come to the tool, with over 250 improvements that include new features, changes, bug fixes, and documentation additions! 🥳

This update's "Leap Day" release represents the huge leap forward being taken with the extensive improvements and new additions. I'm so excited both for the possibilities that it brings and the stage that it sets for future growth!

A quick glimpse at some of the major new features in v1.1:

  • Combat/skill system updates (more skill options, custom combat scripting, and much more)
  • Free movement updates (zones, climbing, moving platforms, and other gameplay options)
  • Thingy system (item pickups, doors, conveyors, turrets, with more thingies to come)
  • Experimental support for Blockbench model importing
  • Experimental support for fully sprite-based models
  • Lots of new scripting functions for triggering events in your game

Stay tuned as I cover these in more detail over the coming weeks, as well as what's next for RPG in a Box! As hinted at in Stumpy's Epic Adventure, this means FINALLY starting the migration to Godot 4! Thank you so much for your continued support as I take RPG in a Box "Beyond 1.0" and pursue the vision I have for it. Your support really means a lot. It's been so cool seeing all of the awesome and wonderful games you're making with RPG in a Box! 💖

You can find the full release notes for v1.1 on the official forum here:

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Sounds like a really useful update which adds a heap of much needed features. Well done!