Release Notes for v0.5 Build 77

  • Added "End Battle" scripting function and visual node for manually ending a battle (with a victory/defeat outcome parameter for future use)
  • Updated moving platform logic in Map Editor to automatically define navigation connections for starting waypoint when first enabling the platform setting
  • Updated text of "Trigger When" tile script options to use "Character" instead of "Player" since NPCs can now trigger scripts

  • Added "Player Spawn" battle setting to the Combat Editor for choosing between "Random Tile" or "Random Tile in Group"

  • Added "Reload All From Disk" button to the Combat Editor toolbar for reloading combat data from disk

  • Added note about 10x10 map size limit that is displayed in the demo version at the bottom of the Map Editor

  • Added scripting function description for "Move Platform" to Script Editor function list

  • Changed "Under Construction" message at top of Combat Editor to have auto-wrapped text

  • Removed battle placeholder message when starting a battle (for testing purposes, you can use the new "End Battle" function to manually end the battle until combat has been implemented)

  • Fixed issue with "Move Platform" visual script node where the waypoint name would not be properly updated in the script source when changed

  • Fixed issue with "Move Platform" scripting function where characters would not remain on a platform after more than 2 waypoint transitions in a row

  • Fixed issue where the player character could sometimes move to the previous tile while on a moving platform

  • Fixed error that would occur when attempting to duplicate a "Load Map" visual script node with the player direction set to "No Change"

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