Release Notes for v0.5.0

  • Implemented first iteration of tactical turn-based combat (similar functionality to that of v0.4 with some minor improvements)
  • Implemented loot drop functionality in the Combat Editor (only a single item per drop for now)
  • Implemented damage logic and health bars for real-time enemies attacked by the player
  • Added player health UI that is displayed in the bottom left corner during battles
  • Added damage/healing numbers that are displayed when the "Damage Entity" and "Heal Entity" functions are triggered
  • Added check to prevent a battle from being triggered when one is already active
  • Battles triggered by enemy interaction will now remove the initiating enemy if the battle ends in victory
  • Updated player movement logic to only use "bumping to interact" mechanic when the Action System setting is set to roguelike
  •  Remove logic pertaining to v0.5 build numbers as this is the final build of v0.5
  • Fixed issue where the Combat Editor would initially show above other components if the Default Tab editor setting was using the default value
  • Fixed issue where tile scripts with trigger option of "Character stops on tile" wouldn't trigger if the character stopped due to being blocked by another character
  • Fixed issue where the cursor was not being reset to default when opening the Pause Menu
  • Fixed issue where the cursor was not being properly updated after a dialogue finished, tile navigation was modified, or player's movement/interaction was unlocked
  • Fixed issue where the using the gamepad buttons (e.g. Xbox A button) to skip through actively displaying dialogue text was not working properly
  • Fixed issue where model animations in-game would sometimes play too fast under certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue with duplicating of enemies in the Combat Editor not working properly
  • Fixed issue where deleting an enemy in the Combat Editor would not properly update the details section afterwards
  • Fixed issue where deleting a battle in the Combat Editor would not properly update the details section afterwards
  • Fixed issue where battle details section would not be properly updated after adding a new battle
  • Fixed issue where objects (e.g. a rock) would incorrectly prevent tiles from being valid spawn tiles when spawning enemies into a battle
  • Fixed issue with item "use count" behaving incorrectly in-game when using the "Give Item" scripting function to give multiple of an item at once
  • Fixed issue where changing an NPC's movement area behavior setting would not trigger a change in some cases

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Thanks for the update! Is there a set date for when combat will be implemented?

No problem! :) Is there a particular feature or type of functionality you're interested in? I don't have specific dates for anything at the moment, but from here on out I plan to gradually build out the combat systems along with everything else.

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The battle system works pretty well, now all you need to do is put back the minimap, the level system, the possibility of running away from the battles (except bosses), etc.

Thanks Ofihombre, great to hear that it's working well. And yep, hopefully I can get these other things added in the somewhat near future. :)