Release Notes for v0.5.1

  • Added initial minimap functionality with a game configuration setting to enable/disable (press "M" to show in-game, NPCs are shown as cyan dots and real-time enemies are red dots)
  • Added "Show Player Health" game configuration setting for showing the player's health bar outside of combat
  • Added logic to handle player's death when outside of combat (for now, a message is displayed then the game is either restarted from the beginning or the Main Menu is displayed if enabled)
  • Added "restart" command to debug console for restarting a game from the beginning
  • Added damage sound effects for when the player is damaged via the "Damage Entity" scripting function
  • Added support for directional override animations for "attack" ("attack_north", "attack_west", etc.) that will be used if defined
  • Added check to prevent tiles, objects, and characters from being renamed while any maps using that resource are currently opened
  • Added Steam rich presence logic for Main Menu Editor and Credits Editor
  • Fixed issue with not being able to change initial value of Boolean properties in the Game Configuration dialog (left-clicking will now toggle between true and false)

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FATAL ERROR: The game executable doesn't work in v0.5.1, literally crashing nothing else open and close.