Release Notes for v0.5.3

  • Fixed issue where using the "Set Entity Model" function to change the player character's model would fill the console with errors
  • Fixed a few issues related to some unfinished logic for characters spanning multiple tiles (will revisit/finish up this functionality later on)
  • Fixed issue where an error relating to "bg_color" would display in the console in certain cases when showing the Main Menu in-game
  • Fixed issue where tactical combat would get stuck in some cases after an enemy would attack the player
  • Fixed issue where the player movement area indicators would not show for certain tiles during tactical combat
  • Fixed issue with the player movement area not calculating properly for character movement ranges greater than 2
  • Added experimental "two-dimensional" setting for characters in the Voxel Editor (to use for models that are meant to behave as 2D sprites, for now this just prevents characters from auto-rotating when interacting with another entity)
  • Various French localization updates for editor interface (thanks CdriX!)

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Very nice ;)

Hello Justin, Can you pass me the Vloxelworld Pre-Beta article on your official RPG in a Box page?:

Could you also give me the Vloxelworld game information on the games list from the same website? I have tried to access it several times in my own account, and it hasn't worked for me.