Release Notes for v0.5.4.1

  • Updated minimap logic to display NPCs as red dots if their "When Player Interacts" behavior is set to "Start Battle"
  • Updated "Enemy Turn" text to include current/total enemies during tactical turn-based battles
  • Updated resource renaming logic for maps, models, scripts, and dialogues to ensure that the resource is closed before attempting to rename it
  • Fixed issue where an error relating to dialogue font would display on game startup in some cases
  • Fixed issue with "Show Group" scripting function not working properly if the group was pre-hidden in the Map Editor (group will need to be shown and then hidden again in the Map Editor)
  • Fixed issue with manually inserted line breaks within dialogue not being properly displayed in-game
  • Fixed issue where double quotes and manually inserted line breaks in the "Display Message" visual script node were not being properly escaped
  • Fixed issue where saving an entity's quick script as a script resource in the Map Editor would not properly update the entity's script marker icon or the Entity Overview panel
  • Fixed issue with some of the built-in game UI translations not working properly

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Seems like there's a lot of activity going on with this! Great stuff!!! :D


Hey Quantum Sheep, thanks! It's good to hear from you! :)