Release Notes for v0.5.4.6

  • Updated Map Editor's free camera and first-person camera controls to prevent "D" from deleting navigation nodes
  • Update Voxel Editor's "Rotate Model Clockwise" button on the Model Tools panel to rotate around the current camera view's vertical axis
  • Added buttons to the Voxel Editor viewport (in panel with "Move" buttons) for rotating selected voxels clockwise or counterclockwise (or entire model if none are selected)
  • Updated logic for caching and loading model previews (should result in noticeably shorter load times when re-opening a game project after the cache has been created the first time)
  • Fixed issue where scripts were not properly resuming after a dialogue within that script had finished
  • Fixed issue where some invalid navigation data was potentially causing maps to not load in-game
  • Fixed console error that would occur upon game startup when the configured Main Menu background map didn't exist
  • Fixed issue where surface edges were not being recalculated properly when decreasing grid dimensions in the Voxel Editor then undoing the change
  • Fixed issue where voxels outside of the grid in frames other than the current one were not being properly removed when resizing the grid, then undoing and redoing the change
  • Fixed issue where a large number of error messages would sometimes display when opening a game project
  • Fixed "signal is already connected" console errors that would occur when right-clicking folders in the Game Explorer
  • Localization: Fixed issue with tile/object/character filter boxes not showing translated placeholder text properly
  • Localization: Updated translations to officially include support for Brazilian Portuguese

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