Release Notes for v0.5.5

  • Added basic party system functionality (See related scripting functions below - for initial testing purposes these are only available from quick scripts. Visual script nodes coming soon!)
  • Added new scripting function "Add Party Member" which adds a character to the player's party: add_party_member("character_model", "member_id")
  • Added new scripting function "Remove Party Member" which removes a character from the player's party: remove_party_member("member_id")
  • Added new scripting function "Restore Party Member" which returns a previously removed character back to the party: restore_party_member("member_id")
  • Added new scripting function "Hide Inventory" to close the player's inventory if it's visible: hide_inventory()
  • Added "party.member" identifier to scripting language's supported entity references for accessing a party member by ID, e.g. heal_entity(party.member["id_of_member"], 5)
  • Added new scripting function "Execute Script" which launches another script in parallel with the currently running one
  • Added ability to access the X/Y/Z values of coordinates within scripts, e.g. player.coord.x, self.coord.y, entity["some_id"].coord.z, etc.
  • Added ability to use coordinates within arithemtic expressions, for example to subtract or add two coordinates together, multiply a coordinate by a number, etc.
  • Added ability to use coordinates for the "Add Object" scripting function to place an object by tile coordinate in addition to entity ID
  • Changed icon for "Show Inventory" function in the Script Editor to be more unique
  • Updated buttons in the Voxel Editor viewport (upper right) for rotating the model to become disabled when the model's grid width and depth aren't equal
  • Added informational dialog with terminal command to run (similar to that of Quick Play's) that is displayed after exporting your game on Linux or MacOS (if the game executable is updated)
  • Increased camera zoom max value from 120 to 200 in the Game Configuration dialog's gameplay section
  • Added Ultima themed assets (from Iolo's Hut map created for Demo Game Hub) to the Asset Library (tagged with "ultima")
  • Fixed issue where moving selected voxels in the Voxel Editor then undoing the action would not properly restore any overwritten voxels
  • Fixed issue where rotating selected voxels in the Voxel Editor then undoing the action would not properly restore any overwritten voxels
  • Fixed issue where the ESC key would inadvertently pause the loading screen until pressed again while loading a map
  • Fixed issue with localization credits not showing properly in the About dialog
  • Fixed issue where Alt+Tabbing out of the Voxel Editor while editing with the left mouse button pressed could result in unexpected behavior when returning to the editor
  • Fixed issue where the Sound FX Generator could potentially fail to play or save sound effects in rare cases
  • Fixed a few issues related to the IDs of newly added dialogue nodes when localization is enabled in the Dialogue Editor
  • Fixed some in-game errors that would display in the console when moving the mouse over tiles while the player was on a moving platform
  • Fixed issue with variable names within scripts not being properly parsed
  • Fixed issue where strings starting with "property" could not be used in some places within scripts
  • Fixed issue where the "Create a New Game" folder browser dialog wouldn't automatically navigate to the currently entered game path if it had been manually typed in
  • Localization: Added German translations for in-game UI text (menus, inventory interface, etc.)
  • Localization: Added Russian translations for both editor and in-game UI text and option to select it in the Editor Settings dialog
  • Localization: Fixed issue with special credits text in the About dialog being cut off in the German translation

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