Release Notes for v0.5.5.1

  • Added initial implementation of animating a model's light source by allowing the parameters to be set per frame by enabling the "Animated" setting
  • Added ability to use coordinates for the "Add Character" scripting function to place a character by tile coordinate in addition to entity ID
  • Added eyedropper tool for picking colors as a separate tool mode to the Voxel Editor (can still hold Alt in other modes to pick as well)
  • Added "Remove surfaces along grid boundaries" to Voxel Editor to allow for better tiling of models with transparency, e.g. water tiles that border each other
  • Added search functionality to the built-in documentation
  • Added undo/redo actions for toggling of the "Light Source" setting in the Voxel Editor
  • Added "Party Member" as an option to the Entity Expression Builder dialog in the Script Editor
  • Added initial implementation of a noise generator for creating flat tiles from a randomly generated noise texture (accessed via Voxel Editor toolbar)
  • Added Table of Contents section to the documentation viewer for quickly jumping to major sections within a page
  • Added warning dialog that's displayed when attempting to open a model in the Voxel Editor or place it in a map when it's not located in the correct project folder based on its type (tile/object/character)
  • Implemented "camera override" functionality to use specified camera type when maps are loaded (or game's default camera if none specified), added "First-Person" as option to dropdown
  • Implemented "player override" functionality to use specified character model when maps are loaded (or game's default character if none specified)
  • Documentation: Updated Documentation tab to initially show the Tutorials page by default
  • Documentation: Brought the built-in "Voxel Editor" documentation up to date for any changes from v0.4 to v0.5
  • Fixed issue where combat would get stuck when attempting to launch a battle from within a dialogue
  • Fixed issue where the primary player's health would not be restored to half if they died during combat but the remaining party members won the battle
  • Fixed issue with the undo action for frame insertion/duplication in the Voxel Editor not working properly when the model initially had only one frame
  • Fixed issue where characters placed with the "Add Character" scripting function were not being assigned their default behavior, if defined
  • Fixed issue where battles could fail to start if defined in the Combat Editor and then launched in-game without first using the dropdown to select a battle map
  • Fixed issue where documentation pages with videos in them were failing to open properly
  • Fixed issue where the default item ID ("ITEM_0001") was not enclosed in double quotes when dragging the "Give Item" function into a script in the Quick Script Builder
  • Fixed issue with Combat Editor not resetting completely (asterisk on tab and toolbar buttons) when exiting to the Game Manager with unsaved changes
  • Fixed issue where battles would fail to load when "Set Entity Model" was previously used to replace the main player's model
  • Fixed issue where tactical combat would sometimes get stuck when enemies were using directional attack animations ("attack_north", "attack_east", etc.)
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip text for "First Frame" button on the Voxel Editor's animation toolbar

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