Release Notes for v0.5.5.2

  • Added "Default Camera" setting for the Map Editor to allow selection of a default camera type (Standard, Free, or Isometric) accessible from the Editor Settings dialog
  • Added antialiasing setting (MSAA 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x) to the Editor Settings dialog for the Map Editor and Voxel Editor and to the in-game options menu
  • Added ability to set the initial frame of an entity's model after placed into a map (via the Entity Properties panel or -/= shortcut keys while selected in Edit mode)
  • Added support to scripting language for setting global and entity properties via direct assignment (e.g.["xyz"] = 10)
  • Added support to scripting language for using "and"/"or" to connect multiple expressions within a condition (e.g. if player.inventory contains "ITEM_0001" and random(1, 20) > 15 then...)
  • Added support to scripting language for Cyrillic characters within strings (e.g. for the "Display Message" function)
  • Added support to scripting language for assigning behavior presets to characters (e.g. entity["slime01"].behavior = "Hostile Slime")
  • Added logic to update model collision used for mouse detection when an animation has stopped on a new frame (e.g. a clamped animation for an opening door)
  • Added support for using OGG files for sound effects (Game Explorer will now show .wav and .ogg extensions for sound resources)
  • Added ability to zoom in and out in the Map Editor using Ctrl + Middle Mouse Button + Drag Up/Down
  • Added line numbers to script source code fields in the Script Editor and Quick Script Builder dialog
  • Added ability to enter source code editing mode in the Script Editor by double-clicking within the source code's text area box
  • Added ability to rotate the camera in Map Editor free cam mode by holding Space in addition to the middle mouse button
  • Added backslash (\) as an alternate key for opening the in-game debug console
  • Improved performance of parser for scripting language (parsing time of scripts should now be significantly faster)
  • Updated "Play Sound" function to support inclusion of file extension (if none specified, the game will first look for a *.wav and then a *.ogg for backwards compatibility)
  • Updated "Import Dropped Files" dialog to allow selection of either "Music" or "Sound" for the resource type when importing an OGG file
  • Updated auto-connect functionality in Script Editor to only take effect if closest unused output is within a certain distance (to minimize unwanted connections)
  • Updated icon for "Speed Multiplier" tile property on the Model Properties panel to match that of the "Speed" property for characters
  • Documentation: Brought the "Model Properties" built-in documentation up to date for any changes from v0.4 to v0.5
  • Documentation: Brought the "Add Character" built-in documentation up to date for any changes from v0.4 to v0.5
  • Documentation: Brought the "Add Tile" built-in documentation up to date for any changes from v0.4 to v0.5
  • Fixed issue where the editor would freeze up when attempting to export a model to a previously existing file that was locked by another application (e.g. after importing the file into Goxel)
  • Fixed issue where inventory would have unexpected behavior after loading a map where the player character was overridden

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